Flash Fiction: Short Tale 100

Yesterday, I wrote an article called Short Stories: Introduction. However, I purposefully missed an important update in my quest of writing, as I feel that it deserves its own article.

Two days ago, I wrote my first piece of flash fiction, with the intention of submitting it to a specific online literary journal. The requirements were to write a short story of exactly 100 words, no more and less. I had already read through a vast amount of the stories published here and I completely fell in love with them and the idea behind it. Limiting yourself to only 100 words when writing a story can be quite the challenge, but it is also incredibly fun and enjoyable to do. A story is a story regardless of the length of it.

Screenshot - 041016 - 14:41:14 COPY.png

If you wish to read my story, it is located here.

Being able to see my work elsewhere on the internet is a truly amazing feeling.