There has always been something about September that I can’t help but love, it has been my favourite month of the year ever since I can remember; somehow I find that this month resonates with me in ways that I do and do not understand.

The month of September is when I find that nature looks its most beautiful, which is why I spend so much time doing photography around this time of year. The sunsets, sunrises, and the skies in general are spectacular around this time of year. However, this is not the only reason I feel the way I do about this month. Although I cannot find the words to truly describe it, there is a certain atmosphere that September carries which completely adore, this month fills me with feelings of warmth, comfort and tranquillity.

I am unsure as to why I feel such strong feelings merely because of a month or the time of year, yet I do. I appreciate all of the seasons greatly, however Autumn and Winter just have something very special about them.

Over the course of the past month I have managed to capture some of the most beautiful sunsets and landscapes in many photographs. Photography has been one of my favourite hobbies for the past three years, and each year I spend a great amount of time photographing nature during the autumn and winter months.

Nature is truly magical.



Walking Amongst Nature

Once again, due to the poor weather that my town has been subjected to, as well as a decline in my mental health, I had not ventured outside for about a week or so. At the start of this year, I promised myself that I would attempt to have a good summer where I at least regularly go outside, however, it seems that I have almost done the complete opposite for roughly the past month. I also wished to take up photography as one of my hobbies again, yet I have not had the motivation or energy to accomplish such task.

However, three days ago this all changed. My girlfriend and I decided to take a walk as we simply could not bare to be inside any longer. This walk began mid-evening, by the time we decided to make our way home it was fairly dark; which was when I noticed that there was a baby toad on the path we were walking along. He was a surprisingly calm toad, and we managed to spend a good few minutes admiring him; as well as capturing a few photographs of the little guy. The following night, we came across a slightly bigger toad, who also happened to be rather calm.

After we had our moments with the toad, the night was progressing into the early hours of the morning. We took a walk down to our towns harbour at 3AM, the sound of the sea crashing against the shore and the lights which reflected off of the water were of profound beauty.


The weather had improved significantly by the third day, there was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating heavily against the earth. Therefore I could not resist to capture the beauty of nature once again, which reminded me how much I love the Earth itself; even if I am not very fond of most of its people.

Nature – Mist

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I spent five days at home without venturing outside at all. As a lover of nature and the outdoors, I wanted to be back amongst nature as soon as possible.

Thankfully, I was once again able to go outside and be reunited with nature a couple of days ago. By the time that the circumstances were lifted and venturing outside was a possibility, the night was already drawing in.

I have always found that there is something invaluably special about a forest at night, especially with a thick mist thrown in the mix. It was impossible to see any further than a couple of paces ahead of yourself; if you were to stand at the edge of the forest, you would see nothing but a few silhouettes of the trees  emerging through the mist.

Once I reached the field and was finally upon the hills, the vast and open surroundings were masked by the mist; which gave way for an opportunity to capture the moment in a photograph, which is something I have always loved to do.

I have always found this type of weather to be comforting, which is probably why I love winter so much. There is just something about the atmosphere that it creates, which never fails to leave me with a feeling of nostalgia. However, I have found this to be quite odd, as since I have become mentally ill, I have never experienced a good winter, they are typically filled with intense negative emotions, yet something still leaves me longing for the season of winter to come back around.

Perhaps it is the inspiration that this weather provides me with which has made it a lifelong friend of mine. Either way, this was a wonderful experience that has reminded me of my love for the winter and all the pain it brings, which it will never allow me to forget.


A Day in the Middle of Nowhere

Yesterday was the first day that it has been clear skies and sunshine for quite some time, and it was also a Sunday.

In order to gain inspiration for my artwork and poetry, I thought I’d take a trip out into a field in the middle of nowhere, and simply be amongst nature. I tend to do this regularly, as I absolutely love being around nature and find that it grounds me and well, helps keep me sane. A day in the middle of nowhere meant a day of isolation, peace, mindfulness and contentment. There was no other sign of humanity, just the sounds and sights of the birds, fields, trees and blue skies. Nature truly is the greatest healer, when I am out in a woods or field all I experience is complete tranquillity.

As I walked through the field yesterday, I had a very weird yet calming sensation, and that was the feeling of going home. Obviously, this field in the middle of nowhere is not my home, yet it is and always has been one of my favourite places, and although there is nothing there but green pastures, it is a second home to me. I sat upon the hill in my perfect little spot, where as you gaze to the horizon there is a gap between the trees which reveal a lake hidden in the field in the distance. I managed to acquire a couple of ideas for poetry, unfortunately I did not engage in any drawing or painting, however I did enjoy being caught up in my own words. After this I ended up sunbathing and practicing mindfulness for the rest of the day, it was extremely hot so it was perfect weather for lying in a field all day.

During this escapade I took quite a lot of photographs, which I haven’t done in a long time, and photographing nature has always been a very passionate hobby of mine, so I am going to include them in this article, a day in the middle of nowhere:


If I had nowhere to go, I would be here. If I could go anywhere, I would be here.

There have been many days where I go here to lie with nature and watch the river flow in front of a cloudless sky. This is the most tranquil place on Earth I am yet to find, its beauty constantly astonishes me. This place is a constant reminder that within nature everything is perfect as it is, and all you need is to just be. The current of the river does not fight itself, it flows continuously proving itself to be stronger than the river banks and whatever is in its way. You can learn many lessons from nature, and the lesson I learnt here is my favourite, simply be and persevere.

photo (4)

Abandoned Buildings

I don’t know why, but I always find comfort in abandoned places. It’s most likely the solitude, along with nothing but the sounds of nature. Nature is very therapeutic to be around.

This is a place secluded on the hills and confined by nature. It is a very beautiful place with a very beautiful view. It was originally a farm, which became derelict over the past few decades. A lot of the original building has collapsed, resulting in the majority of it being destroyed, as well as leaving the staircase to the first floor of the house unreachable. Over the years there has been damaged caused to the windows which were still intact, as well as the wooden doors and the roofing of these buildings. Nature has begun to reclaim this place, covering it in sheets of ivy and moss.

Nature – The Sunrise

As I am someone who’s isolated themselves to extreme lengths, I prefer to be among nature rather than people. This is what led me to take up the hobby of photography; which I find to be very therapeutic and has been one thing I have managed to keep interested in. I am very lucky to live in a place where nature can be found in abundance. And due to my insomnia, I have seen the sunrise hundreds of times, which are some of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

Even in the darkest of places, beauty can be found amongst nature.