Autumn Days and Winter Sunsets

Although I went through some of my darkest days throughout the passing autumn and winter, nature continuously reminded me that there is and always will be beauty and serenity within this world.

As much as I do not partake in my hobby of photography as I would like to, I did manage to take multiple photographs of nature throughout the months of autumn and winter, which is one of the small things that allowed me to push through the episodes of depression and psychosis that I was experiencing.

Interacting and being around people is something that I struggle with greatly, which results in long periods of isolation where I will rarely leave my flat, if at all. However, when I am solely amongst nature, there are times when I can feel nothing but tranquillity. Of course, there are times where paranoia and hallucinations take over, but those moments of tranquillity are what I live and strive for.


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