Recently I was contacted by the person who runs BipolarLife101, with a fantastic opportunity to have some of my articles published on their website with the aim to increase the awareness and knowledge of mental health.

BipolarLife101 is a website that can be used to help those who suffer from a mental illness connect and learn about their illness, in a place where they can receive support from others who are suffering from the same or a similar illness. Not only is it a great place for those who are mentally ill, but also for those who are not mentally ill who wish to educate themselves about mental health; which is particularly useful for the friends and family members of those who do suffer from a mental illness. However, my favourite thing about this website/project is that it is run and contributed to by those who are mentally ill, who have the experience and insight which is needed to relate to and understand other individuals with a mental illness.

This was clearly too good of an opportunity to pass, therefore as time goes on, some of my articles will also be available to read there. If you wish to read the first article of mine which has been published on the BipolarLife101 website, please click here.


Once again I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for such a great opportunity, and I look forward to an interesting future working with them.


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