When is Enough Truly Enough?

When is enough truly enough? How much pain can you fit inside one person? Is there pain that unbearable that a human could no longer live their life?

There are many questions which are left unanswered, and there are many questions which few people will ever ask themselves. We tend to forget how fragile life truly is, how death can come so quickly.

You do not always get the chance to witness signs which can prevent the death of another, we’re rarely aware when a person is being pushed beyond their limits, when they can no longer bare to live life. Yet sometimes we are granted that chance, and these things can be prevented.

I have found that it is only put into perspective once such pain has been experienced or witnessed in another person. To feel someone give up hope as they fall into your arms because they are too weak to stand from the fatigue and pain sustained from such psychological wounds is heartbreaking; and I do not believe that you can understand that until it is something that you have experienced.

Life is the most fragile thing to exist, a persons entire life and being can end in an instant. Death is certainly inevitable, but that does not mean that death does not come for some too soon; mental illness and psychological pain are terrible things that can cause even more terrible things to happen.

Reach out to those in pain, be there for each other. Sometimes simply being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to save a life, a couple of words, a smile. We are too often the only things that can prevent the death of those in pain, educate yourself on the warning signs of suicidal behaviour, this could be the knowledge you need to stop someone from committing such an act.

The line between life and death has grown too thin.


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