When Words Fall Short

Are words ever enough? Can words truly convey the intensity and depth of the emotions we’re feeling? Sometimes, I think not. As a writer, this is something that I should not believe; but as a writer, it is something that I know to be true.

Writing has always been my go to choice of expression, and with great reason. Although I believe that words can fall short of accurately conveying a message at times, I also believe that they can be truly powerful when used correctly. I know there are many times that I have read a passage in a book or on a blog that has truly struck a chord with me; and those passages I never seem to forget.

However, there are times when words do fall short; and there is no way to release what it is that you are feeling. When you are left feeling empty, when thoughts and emotions have ceased, what is it that I am experiencing? Nothingness? Still, words cannot describe it.

Or is it that the pain is to much for my brain to comprehend? Let alone to convey exactly what it is that I am feeling? If you as an individual have not experienced the depth of intensity of the emotions I am writing about, can you ever truly understand me or my pain?

This is where words fall short, you are left trapped and isolated with no one to understand you; when sometimes you cannot even understand yourself.

An individuals interpretation and perception means that your writing and the message you are trying to convey may mean something very different to each person. As they read your words, they will only understand what it means to them, and how they can relate to and recognise it in their own life.

Yet they never questioned what it meant to you, they never wondered why your words fell upon the paper in the way that they did, they never asked where words of such pain came from; and that is when words fall short.



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