Taking it Easy

As some of you may have noticed, I have not written or published an article for the past few days; which is rather abnormal for me. Typically, I aim to publish an article at least once every day, or every other day, yet I haven’t been doing that recently. A very important aspect of running this blog, and perhaps the most significant, is to make a connection with its readers. Therefore, I only think that it is fair to let you know what is going on, and why I haven’t been writing as consistently as usual.

I have previously mentioned that my mental health has been declining once again over the past month or two. However, since having to travel ridiculous lengths to attend an appointment in London, I have spiralled downhill rapidly. Although I am relatively sure that I would have ended up in this position regardless, the trip to London certainly escalated the decline in my mental health. I have been on the verge of going downhill for quite sometime, yet I have made myself far worse than I currently should be.

Lately I have been pushing myself way too hard, in fact, I even wrote an entire article about it which you can read here. For the past week or so, I have had multiple panic attacks every single day. Any amount of stress will cause me to have a panic attack to the point of which I am physically sick and entirely debilitated for hours, therefore I have not been able to eat anything for days. I have become very withdrawn and paranoid, my thought processes are becoming more and more complex and odd, leaving my thoughts all over the place.

I honestly have been trying my best to write and publish articles, yet I simply can’t seem to do it no matter how much I try. After spending some time looking at myself introspectively, I have decided that I simply need to have a break or slow down and take things easy for a while. I need the time to focus and work on myself, so I can get myself better and put myself in the correct position to be helping others. I certainly will not be completely inactive, and this is not the end of this blog; in fact, it is still the beginning. I will be writing and publishing articles a lot less frequently, but they will keep coming, and I will keep you all updated.

Whilst I am being more infrequent and inactive on here, I will still be very active on Twitter. I have always been an avid Twitter user, and I make sure to use it regularly. You are more than welcome to join me on there, as it is the best way to get hold of me and keep yourself updated on what I am doing. My account is heavily based around mental health and my personal life, but it is not necessary to follow me on there if you do not wish to.

I hope you all stay strong and keep fighting the good fight whilst I take a step back for a while. You all have my best wishes, and I am eternally grateful to all of you for the support you have given and continue to provide, not to only me, but also to others struggling with mental health issues. You are the true saviours.


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