A Schizoaffective Story Time: The Murder Premonition – Part II

This is the second and final part to the Murder Premonition story. If you have not ready Part I of this story, please click here to do so.

The following is another excerpt from my personal journal detailing the final part of the Murder Premonition experience.

“A few months following the first murder premonition, a second one occurred under very similar circumstances. Once again I was sitting in my room in a conscious and comfortable state, I was experiencing no stress whatsoever.

Suddenly I realised I was lying on a floor in a musky and seemingly unfurnished room. I believe it was unfurnished as the walls were paperless and had been left unpainted; as I was lying on the floor the first thing I noticed was that I was lying on floorboards. As I came to consciousness within this place and my vision cleared, I immediately felt the same pain I experienced in my left shoulder blade during my previous premonition, yet this time it was in the lower left side of my stomach. Blood was strewn across floorboards which led up to a pair of distressed black boots which were covered in blood; this was all I could see.

I attempted to breathe and soon began coughing up blood, as I gasped in between the coughs of blood I realised they were in vain. I was repeatedly kicked by whoever the person was wearing the black boots, they were standing in a doorway so I am led to believe that I was only slightly through the door of the room which seemed to be abandoned.

Once again I came round to find myself in my room, with only a small amount of time passing. Although there was no date stated. Which leads me to believe that this was a hallucination, although I still retain belief in the original premonition.”

This experience affected me far less than the first premonition, although this could have been due to it being the second premonition, making it far less surprising than the first. This experience did not trigger any delusions either, and I do still believe that this was a hallucination, whereas I still firmly believe in what was foretold during the first premonition.


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