Nature – Mist

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I spent five days at home without venturing outside at all. As a lover of nature and the outdoors, I wanted to be back amongst nature as soon as possible.

Thankfully, I was once again able to go outside and be reunited with nature a couple of days ago. By the time that the circumstances were lifted and venturing outside was a possibility, the night was already drawing in.

I have always found that there is something invaluably special about a forest at night, especially with a thick mist thrown in the mix. It was impossible to see any further than a couple of paces ahead of yourself; if you were to stand at the edge of the forest, you would see nothing but a few silhouettes of the trees  emerging through the mist.

Once I reached the field and was finally upon the hills, the vast and open surroundings were masked by the mist; which gave way for an opportunity to capture the moment in a photograph, which is something I have always loved to do.

I have always found this type of weather to be comforting, which is probably why I love winter so much. There is just something about the atmosphere that it creates, which never fails to leave me with a feeling of nostalgia. However, I have found this to be quite odd, as since I have become mentally ill, I have never experienced a good winter, they are typically filled with intense negative emotions, yet something still leaves me longing for the season of winter to come back around.

Perhaps it is the inspiration that this weather provides me with which has made it a lifelong friend of mine. Either way, this was a wonderful experience that has reminded me of my love for the winter and all the pain it brings, which it will never allow me to forget.



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