A Day in the Middle of Nowhere

Yesterday was the first day that it has been clear skies and sunshine for quite some time, and it was also a Sunday.

In order to gain inspiration for my artwork and poetry, I thought I’d take a trip out into a field in the middle of nowhere, and simply be amongst nature. I tend to do this regularly, as I absolutely love being around nature and find that it grounds me and well, helps keep me sane. A day in the middle of nowhere meant a day of isolation, peace, mindfulness and contentment. There was no other sign of humanity, just the sounds and sights of the birds, fields, trees and blue skies. Nature truly is the greatest healer, when I am out in a woods or field all I experience is complete tranquillity.

As I walked through the field yesterday, I had a very weird yet calming sensation, and that was the feeling of going home. Obviously, this field in the middle of nowhere is not my home, yet it is and always has been one of my favourite places, and although there is nothing there but green pastures, it is a second home to me. I sat upon the hill in my perfect little spot, where as you gaze to the horizon there is a gap between the trees which reveal a lake hidden in the field in the distance. I managed to acquire a couple of ideas for poetry, unfortunately I did not engage in any drawing or painting, however I did enjoy being caught up in my own words. After this I ended up sunbathing and practicing mindfulness for the rest of the day, it was extremely hot so it was perfect weather for lying in a field all day.

During this escapade I took quite a lot of photographs, which I haven’t done in a long time, and photographing nature has always been a very passionate hobby of mine, so I am going to include them in this article, a day in the middle of nowhere:


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