For the past week or so, I have been subjected to a creative block. This has been particularly frustrating as the majority of my life and work, is centred on creativity. However, as of yesterday, I have been experiencing a relatively intense creative spur; I have been far more creative and focus in my writing, drawing and music. Anything that involves creativity, I’ve been doing it, and a lot of it.

This has led to me producing the best work I ever have at the moment, across all of the arts. I am currently focusing heavily on my writing though, as being able to write for the rest of my life would be a dream come true; words are very powerful and I would love to be able to use them in such a way that they help others, and provide the inspiration and motivation needed for those people to achieve their dreams. I want to continue working on my ever growing poetry collection, as well as start writing books, but I am yet to tread in those waters, as I want to improve my writing skills fist.

Although creativity is no magic cure for mental illness, I have found that it has improved my mental health drastically, and without it I would surely be lost. It is a wonderful way to redirect negative energies and behaviours into something creative. If you have read my previous article, Slipping Internally, you will know that I haven’t been doing too well as of late. This is true, and still remains to be true, yet creativity, particularly in writing, drawing and music, is giving me what I need to hold on. It provides me with a distraction from my illness, as well as something to focus and work on; which provides a sense of accomplishment. If you would like to read more about how creativity can help you manage your mental illness, or improve your overall wellbeing, take a look at my two previous articles on the benefits of music and art therapy.

I have been considering publishing some of my poetry and short stories here, as I would like others to read them as well as hear feedback in order to improve my writing. As my poetry is typically based around mental illness and my personal experiences, I feel that they would not be out of place here, and may provide help and insight into mental illness for others. I also want to do this to show that regardless of your mental state, we are all capable of some pretty amazing things. Too many people give up on their talents or what they enjoy due to the criticism of those around them or by being too critical of themselves; if you love and enjoy something, you should pursue it. Life is way too short to be doing things that we really do not want to do.

Dreams can never be too big, only too small. Keep your head up, and keep doing what you love.


One thought on “Creativity

  1. “Dreams can never be too big, only too small. Keep your head up, and keep doing what you love.”

    Great piece of wisdom there 🙂

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