The Mental Health Community: Reach Out

I have wanted to write this article for quite some time as I really do believe that the mental health community has been of more support and help to myself than anything else, and it really does deserve to receive this recognition.

The mental health community is full of many wonderful people from a diverse range of backgrounds and lifestyles, collectively providing support across all areas of mental health. With more people speaking about mental health, we are able to eradicate stigma and help those who need it, as well as ourselves; which is the reason I became involved with the mental health community. I have never felt so welcomed or comfortable in any other community, as I have found that we all stick together and use our experiences to better ourselves and show others that there is hope out there, and that there is a better life. Supporting and helping others is without a doubt what saved me, and I’ll always be in debt to the mental health community for this, I owe these people my life, and that is why they will always have my time and support. The importance of this is that I’m not the only one who feels this way, the community is filled with people exactly like me, and that is why it’s such a wonderful place to be.

The mental health community is constantly supporting each other, even with our own struggles we continue to help others, in turn helping everyone within the community. I have never witnessed any negativity or cruelty within the community, I have only witnessed compassion, sensitivity, and kindness. Everyone within the mental health community is fighting to end stigma, which makes the mental health community a place that is stigma free. The mental health community is a place to reach out to others without the risk of being judged or penalized for your illness, you will receive no stigma here. The more people talk about mental health the more understanding can be gained, both within and out of the mental health community.

When reaching out to the mental health community, there are many magnificent campaigns to become involved with. These campaigns not only aim to provide help for each and every person they are trying to reach out to, but also to those within the campaigns. Two campaigns which I wholeheartedly support are #imnotashamed and #sicknotweak, both helped me dramatically; if you want to get involved with either, be sure to check them out on Twitter.

There are many bloggers within the mental health community, which is what sparked off some of the greatest friendships I’ve ever had, as well as allowing me to meet some of the best people I’ve ever met. Blogging is a great tool within mental health for many reasons which I will go over in another article some time, but from the perspective of the mental health community, bloggers can provide invaluable support with their experiences and their openness about them. You’ll also find that bloggers support bloggers, just like every other aspect within the mental health community, support is both given and received.

The mental health community truly is one big family. If you’re suffering alone, you no longer need to, we are here, and we are here for each and every one of you.


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