Transition of Care: Early Psychosis Intervention Team

I have always been in doubt of working with the Early Psychosis Intervention Team for a multitude of reasons. Those being that there is no possibility for early intervention when I have been suffering from psychosis for the past five years, and that since first meeting with the Early Psychosis Intervention Team this is the second person I have had to speak with, and they certainly wouldn’t be the last. Meaning that I would have to repeat my ‘story’ continuously until they employ someone permanently for my area.

Although I walked in there expecting a negative outcome, I kept an open mind for as long as possible and tried my best to be cooperative. However, this was cut short far too quickly. To begin with, I did not like the guy I was supposed to be talking to, he was a nice enough guy, but not at all suitable to work with me in that realm. I was simply asked absolutely ridiculous questions off of a piece of paper, to watch him taking notes that only read “Yes. No. No. No. Yes. No.”, for me, this was the first warning sign that this was not going to go well at all. Secondly, no matter what I said, or how much I attempted to elaborate on what I was saying, he would not listen and continuously made assumptions that he believed to be correct although they were not correct whatsoever, and when trying to correct him, he simply stated that I was wrong and that he was right, although we were talking about things that happened in my life which he would have no idea about. Next came the medication talk, I was told that no matter what I would need medication, and that I would have to take it. This is where had had enough and knew that I certainly wasn’t going to be working with them in any way whatsoever.

I began to get rather irate and made it very clear that I did not want to be there nor do I want their help. In summarisation, it was a complete waste of time and I left in the exact same state I went in, just with my expectations verified this time.


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