The Compassionate Blogger Award

TheCompassionateBloggerAwardI would like to give a huge thank you to peaceableme for nominating me. She is a wonderful person with a heart of gold, and her blog is a wonderful depiction of life with schizoaffective disorder and anxiety. Be sure to check out her blog at:


Link the person who nominated you for this award. Describe what compassion means to you. List three things you have done in the last month that showed compassion to others. List three things you hope to do to show compassion to others. List three things you hope to do to show compassion to others. Nominate three people you think are compassionate as well.

For me, compassion is love, acceptance, empathy, kindness and selflessness. Compassion is the desire to alleviate others from suffering. Compassion is the purpose of life, without it humanity could not survive. Always keep love and compassion in your heart wherever you go, it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

  1. I help those suffering from mental illness through my blog and one-to-one conversation or group conversations
  2. I like to create art for others as a sign of appreciation, whether that be drawings, paintings, poetry or music
  3. I regularly help those I see with small problems, such as carrying or moving an item, holding a door open, helping someone cross the street etc

  1. I hope to reach out to more people within the mental health community by visiting various clinics and giving talks to sufferers of various ages
  2. I hope to always strive to be a better person in order to be able to support the ones that need me
  3. I hope to always help those in need

I nominate:

The Manic Years –

Delve My Mind –

Beautifully Bipolar –


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