Transition of Care: Personal

Last week I finally met with my new consultant psychiatrist, CPN and a member from the Early Psychosis Intervention team.

Each of them were very welcoming and lovely people, but there are a few problems I have with this situation which are directed more so towards the mental health system in general, rather than with the people I met.

To begin with, I am very happy with my current psychiatrist. This is because our relationship has been built on trust after meeting quite regularly and getting to know each other, which is an opportunity I won’t get to have with my new psychiatrist. The next issue I have is the fact that they are disorganised and don’t know exactly who I will be working with, meaning that I could end up meeting more people than I need to. Which isn’t the problem itself, rather recalling the past five years of my life repeatedly to not to see that person again. This transition also means I will be dealing with multiple care givers instead of one, however there is both an advantage and disadvantage to this. The advantage being that I may find that I have a decent connection with at least one of them, and the disadvantage being that I may not get to know each individual as well and not have a strong relationship like I do with my current psychiatrist. The last and most blatant issue is with the Early Psychosis Intervention team, due to the fact that I feel they are five years too late to provide any form of an early intervention.

However, I am meeting with a member from the Early Psychosis Intervention team next week and I am willing to see how it goes and keep an open mind. It could go better than I’m expecting.


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